What is the IBAN code for Santander in the United Kingdom?

IBAN for Santander in the United Kingdom consists of 22 characters:

  • 2 letter country code
  • 2 digit check number
  • 4 characters from the Santander’s bank code
  • 6 digit sort code for the Santander bank branch
  • 8 digit code for the Santander bank account number
Santander IBAN example in the United KingdomGB15ABBY60161331926819
IBAN in print formatGB15 ABBY 6016 1331 9268 19
Country codeGB
Check digits15
Bank codeABBY
Sort code601613
Bank account number31926819

History of Santander Bank

Santander Bank has its roots in Spain, originating from the Bank of Santander which was founded in 1857 in the northern Spanish city of Santander. It slowly grew to become one of Spain’s largest banks over the next hundred years before embarking on an ambitious international expansion.

Origins in Spain

The Bank of Santander was founded by local businessmen and merchants in Santander, Spain in 1857. It attracted capital from both Spanish investors and merchants from Latin America who had trading connections to Santander’s thriving port. The bank grew steadily in Spain over the next century, establishing itself as a significant regional institution.

Expansion into Latin America

In the 1940s, Santander began to expand into Latin America, leveraging its existing Latin American investor ties.

Entry into Brazil

Its first major entry point was in Brazil, acquiring multiple medium-sized Brazilian banks beginning in 1957. Over subsequent decades, a series of additional strategic acquisitions made Santander one of the largest private banks in Brazil.

Growth in Mexico

A similar strategy was replicated in Mexico. Santander entered the Mexican market in the 1950s by partnering with local banks before acquiring them outright, resulting in a substantial Mexican presence.

Launch of Santander US Operations

In the early 2000s, Santander set its sights on the United States market. Their entry point was the 2005 acquisition of Sovereign Bank, a mid-sized regional bank based in the northeastern US.

Acquisition of Sovereign Bank

Sovereign Bank itself had grown largely through acquisitions of small US banks and Santander continued this strategy, acquiring additional US banks over the next several years.

Expansion along East Coast

This accelerated their ability to expand along the East Coast by consolidating the operations of newly acquired banks under the Santander name and brand. By 2010, Santander had firmly established itself as a prominent retail bank in the Northeastern US.

Services and Products Offered

Today, Santander Bank offers a full range of personal and business banking services.

Checking and Savings Accounts

Santander provides checking and savings accounts tailored for individuals as well as small, medium and large businesses.

Personal Accounts

These include options like basic checking, interest-earning checking, money market accounts and high-yield savings accounts.

Business Accounts

Accounts are structured to serve the needs of small startups, larger companies, non-profits and real estate management companies. Additional services are available such as cash management, merchant processing, payroll and international services.

Lending Solutions

A variety of lending solutions are offered for both personal and business needs.

Auto Loans

Santander has become a top 5 US provider of auto loans, offering competitive new, used and refinanced car loans.


A range of home lending solutions are provided like first-time homebuyer programs, jumbo mortgages, refinancing, home equity lines of credit and more.

Personal Loans

Personal lending options include student loans, personal installment loans and revolving lines of credit.

Investing and Retirement Planning

Investing and retirement services provided include brokerage accounts, IRAs and college savings plans.

Brokerage Accounts

Santander Securities LLC. provides securities brokerage accounts with access to investments like stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds.


Customers have access to IRA accounts like Traditional and Roth IRAs to save for retirement.

College Savings Plans

The Santander Way to Pay program helps parents plan for college through 529 accounts.

Santander Bank’s Approach to Customer Service

Santander Bank aims to differentiate itself through an emphasis on customer service and convenience. This is enabled by continued investment in digital capabilities as well as community-based, bilingual support.

Focus on Digital Innovation

Significant resources have been deployed to enhance Santander’s digital platforms and tools to improve convenience.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Santander was an early leader in mobile app capabilities like remote check deposit. Its growing suite of mobile features enables customers to conduct routine banking securely 24/7.

Cash Back Debit Card

In 2022, Santander launched the Ultimate Cash Back Debit Card. It offers customers 3% cash back on eligible spending, providing daily value.

Bilingual Support

Recognizing the diverse communities Santander operates in, English-Spanish bilingual support is available.

In Person at Branches

Many local branch employees are fluent Spanish speakers, as Spanish is the native language of over 40 million people in the US.

Over The Phone

Bilingual phone support lines ensure Spanish speakers receive the same level of service.

Community Involvement

Local branches actively participate in community events and local partnerships.

Local Partnerships

Initiatives like financial literacy programs at local high schools aim to benefit entire communities.

Charitable Foundations

Separate foundations like the Santander Bank Charitable Contributions Fund and the Santander Universities Global Division support local non-profits.

Santander Bank’s Entry into the UK Market

In addition to major operations across Europe and the Americas, Santander has developed a significant presence in the United Kingdom fintech market.

Abbey National Acquisition

Santander’s launch into the UK began in 2004 with the high-profile acquisition of Abbey National, a prominent UK mortgage lender and savings account provider.

Instant Market Share

The acquisition instantly gave Santander substantial market share in areas like residential mortgages, auto finance and credit cards.

Retail Branch Network

It also provided an extensive retail branch network throughout the country to serve personal banking customers.

Rebranding Efforts

Over the next several years, Santander focused on rebranding the Abbey National branches and integrating operations.

Unified Brand Identity

By 2010, the familiar Santander brand had been rolled out across the existing Abbey National locations.

Streamlined Services

Backend processes were overhauled to enable a consistent customer experience across channels.

Digital Innovations

Santander UK has prioritized digital platforms and capabilities to align with shifting consumer preferences.

Industry-Leading Mobile Apps

Extensive resources have developed feature-rich mobile apps that frequently place highly in customer satisfaction scores.

Cashback Debit Cards

Popular cashback credit cards were introduced that offer up to 3% cashback on key spending categories.

Small Business Lending

As a way to fuel additional growth, Santander UK strategically focuses small business lending such as lines of credit, term loans and merchant services.

Streamlined Lending

Simplified online loan applications efficiently deliver capital to small businesses.

Local Community Commitment

Branches foster close ties to neighborhood business communities.

The Future Aspirations of Santander UK

Santander hopes to leverage investments in digital platforms and small business lending to continue growing market share in the evolving UK fintech ecosystem.

Digital Business Accounts

Further improving services like mobile business banking and instant digital account opening removes friction for clients.

Championing Renewable Energies

True to Santander’s values around sustainability, providing financing for renewable energy projects will be a priority.

Embracing Open Banking

Open API standards present opportunities to integrate with emerging fintech disruptors.

Hopefully this helps continue the narrative around Santander’s presence specifically in the UK market!

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