What is the IBAN code for Nationwide Building Society in the United Kingdom?


The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is used to identify bank accounts for international money transfers. The IBAN includes key bank details such as the country code, bank code, account number and check digits to validate the account.

For Nationwide Building Society in the UK, the IBAN consists of 22 characters. Let’s take a closer look at its structure.

What is IBAN?

The IBAN or International Bank Account Number is an internationally agreed format for bank account numbers to facilitate cross border transactions. The IBAN contains an alpha-numeric code that uniquely identifies an individual account.

The key components of an IBAN include:

  • Country code – 2 letter country code
  • Check digits – 2 numbers for validation
  • Bank identifier – 4 alpha-numeric characters
  • Account number – Up to 30 alpha-numeric characters

This standardized format enables accurate electronic transfers between banks across country borders.

IBAN Structure

The IBAN code has a defined length and position of characters to represent the:

Country Code

This 2 letter country code follows the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code standard. For UK, it is GB.

Check Digits

This 2 digit number is generated based on modulo 97 algorithm to validate the IBAN number.

Bank Code

This 4 character bank code identifies the bank. For Nationwide Building Society, it is NWBK.

Sort Code

This 6 digit sort-code identifies the specific Nationwide branch.

Account Number

This is the actual account number with the bank, up to 8-11 digits.

IBAN for Nationwide Building Society UK

The IBAN for Nationwide Building Society in UK consists of 22 characters structured as:

  • Country Code: GB
  • Check Digits: 29
  • Bank Code: NWBK
  • Sort Code: 601613
  • Account Number: 31926819

Nationwide Building Society IBAN Examples

A sample Nationwide Building Society IBAN in the UK would be:Copy code


Using Existing IBAN

If you already have your Nationwide IBAN, you can use it directly for bank transfers to your Nationwide account from within UK or internationally.

Printing IBAN

For printing purposes, the IBAN can be spaced as:Copy code

GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19

Country code: GB
Check digits: 29
Bank code: NWBK
Sort code: 601613
Account number: 31926819


The IBAN provides a standardized format for identifying bank accounts across borders. For Nationwide Building Society in UK, the 22 digit IBAN comprises the country code, check digits, bank identifier code, branch sort code and account number. This facilitates seamless electronic fund transfers to and from Nationwide bank accounts.


What is the Nationwide Building Society bank code?

The 4 character bank code for Nationwide Building Society is NWBK.

How many digits is the account number in an IBAN?

The account number can be upto 30 alpha-numeric digits in IBAN but is usually 8-11 digits.

Can I use domestic UK sort code for international transfers?

No, you would need to use the IBAN format with sort code for international bank transfers.

Does the IBAN include name of account holder?

No, the IBAN only identifies the bank account and does not contain account holder name.

How do I find my IBAN for my Nationwide bank account?

You can find your unique Nationwide IBAN printed on your account statement or checking with your branch. The IBAN will begin with GB and end with your account number.

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