What is the IBAN code for Lloyds in the United Kingdom?

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standard format for bank account numbers that enables cross-border payments. It allows money to be sent from one country to another quickly, securely, and with minimal fees.

The IBAN format contains key details about the destination bank account – the country code, bank identifier, branch code, and actual account number. This information combined creates a globally recognized bank account format.

IBAN Format and Structure

The IBAN format consists of alphabetical and numerical characters split into various components:

  • Country code (2 letters): The country the bank account belongs to e.g. GB for the United Kingdom or FR for France.
  • Check digits (2 numbers): A numerical value used to validate the IBAN to avoid errors.
  • Bank code (4 alpha or numeric characters): Identifies the bank the account belongs to.
  • Branch sort code (6 numeric characters): The particular branch associated with the bank account.
  • Account number (8 or more alpha and numeric characters): The actual account number.

When written out in full, these different components are separated by spaces for legibility but do not actually contain spaces when used electronically.

IBAN in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom officially adopted the IBAN standard in 2007 with an IBAN format consisting of 22 alpha-numeric characters – considered medium-length.

The key advantage of sending or receiving funds using IBAN in the UK is avoiding delays or charges compared to normal account transfers which can fail if incomplete or inaccurate account details are provided.

Lloyds Bank IBAN Code Breakdown

As one of the UK’s largest retail banks, Lloyds utilizes IBAN capabilities fully. Here is what a Lloyds IBAN consists of:

Lloyds Bank Code

The 4 letters “LOYD” signify Lloyds Bank in IBAN format. This bank identifier tells other banks that the account is held with Lloyds.

Lloyds Branch Sort Code

This 6-digit number represents the particular Lloyds branch where the account is held.

Lloyds Account Number

This 8-digit segment identifies the personal bank account at that specific Lloyds branch.

Putting it Together into a Lloyds IBAN

When you combine the country code, check digits, bank code, sort code, and account number, it creates a globally compatible 22-digit IBAN for Lloyds accounts:


*GB = United Kingdom country code

*xx = Two-digit check number

*LOYD = Lloyds bank code

*xxxxxx = Six-digit Lloyds sort code

xxxxxxxx = 8-digit account number

Validating and Using a Lloyds IBAN

Check Digit Validation

The two check digits within the IBAN perform a vital verification role. The check digits are calculated from the IBAN structure using a mod 97 algorithm.

This mathematical algorithm acts as a digital check to eliminate the possibility of mistakes when sending or receiving money using the IBAN electronic format.

Making IBAN Payments

Using the correct Lloyds IBAN provides a standardized format for inbound and outbound IBAN money transfers.

Whether making domestic British payments or international SEPA payments within Europe, the IBAN contains all the necessary bank account details in one barcode.

To pay money via IBAN requires entering the recipients IBAN into your online or mobile banking platform and confirming the details before sending the payment.

Example Lloyds IBAN Codes

Here are two examples of properly formatted IBAN account numbers for Lloyds Bank in the UK:

IBAN for UK Lloyds Accounts


Print Format:
GB45 LOYD 6016 1331 9268 19

This breaks down as:

Country Code: GB
Check Digits: 45
Bank Code: LOYD
Sort Code: 601613
Account Number: 31926819

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Lloyds use IBAN?

IBAN allows Lloyds to process cross-border Euro payments and transfers through the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) scheme. This enables faster electronic payments.

How do I find my Lloyds IBAN?

Your Lloyds IBAN will be displayed on your account statements, online banking profile, or can be obtained from your nearest Lloyds branch.

Can I make SEPA payments with Lloyds IBAN?

Yes, SEPA payments within Europe are facilitated using your Lloyds IBAN account number since it meets the necessary criteria.

So in summary, a Lloyds UK IBAN will consist of 22 total digits – starting with GB and ending with your unique account number. Validate it using the check digits to avoid mistakes before sending or receiving vital payments.

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