What is the IBAN code for Halifax in the United Kingdom?

IBAN structure

The IBAN or International Bank Account Number is used to identify bank accounts for international money transfers. The IBAN consists of multiple elements:

  • Country code – This is a two letter code to identify the country. For UK banks this would be GB.
  • Check digits – This is a two digit number generated based on an algorithm using the other parts of the IBAN as inputs. It enables error detection.
  • Bank code – This is usually a four character code to identify the bank. For Halifax the bank code is ABBY.
  • Branch code – This is typically a six digit number and refers to the specific bank branch.
  • Account number – The final section is the standard bank account number you would use domestically. For Halifax this can be 8 digits long.

IBAN for Halifax UK

Putting together the specifics for Halifax UK banks:

  • 2 letters for the country code GB
  • 2 digits check number (algorithmically generated)
  • 4 characters bank code ABBY
  • 6 digit sort code
  • 8 digit account number

So in total it contains 22 characters.

Halifax UK IBAN example breakdown

Here is an example IBAN for a Halifax account in the UK:


Breaking this down:

  • Country code: GB
  • Check digits: 15
  • Bank code: ABBY
  • Sort code: 6016133 (Halifax branch identifier)
  • Account number: 1926819

So this is a valid and correctly formatted IBAN.

Already have an IBAN?

If you already have an IBAN number with your Halifax account, it can be used directly for sending/receiving international payments. There are some benefits to this:

  • More secure way to share account details
  • May allow faster processing depending on receiving bank

Print format

When printed, IBAN numbers often insert spaces to improve readability:

GB15 ABBY 6016 1331 9268 19

The numbers remain unchanged, just spaces added for presentation.

Use cases

The main uses of IBAN formats are:

  • International transfers – Required for sending/receiving money across borders
  • Faster payments – Some banks process IBAN transfers quicker

So if dealing with international parties or wanting to speed up transfers, look into your IBAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the country code?

The country code is the first two letters of the IBAN which identifies the country the bank account belongs to. For UK banks this is always “GB”.

How many digits are there?

The total length is 22 characters for UK IBAN codes. This is broken down into:

  • 2 letter country code
  • 2 digit check number
  • 4 character bank code
  • 6 digit sort code
  • 8 digit account number

Is IBAN used outside the UK?

Yes, the IBAN format is an international standard used by banks across Europe, Middle East, Caribbean as well as some African and Asian countries. It facilitates cross-border transactions.

Is IBAN required?

While not always required, it is recommended to share IBAN details for international transfers or receiving payments from overseas. Some countries now mandate IBAN format.

How do I find my IBAN?

You can find your IBAN on your bank statement, online banking portal or request it directly from your bank. Most major UK banks now provide IBAN alongside account details.

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