IBAN Codes for Crown Agents Bank Limited in the UK

What is IBAN?

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed format for bank account numbers to facilitate cross border transactions. The IBAN contains key bank details such as country, account number and bank identifiers to ensure payments are routed accurately.

IBAN Structure

Country Code

The IBAN starts with a two-letter country code e.g. GB for United Kingdom. This identifies the country the bank account belongs to.

Check Digits

The next two digits are check digits used to validate the IBAN number. It is calculated using modulus math on the remaining IBAN characters.

Bank Code

This four alpha-numeric character code identifies the bank the account belongs to. For Crown Agents Bank Limited, the code is CRAS.

Branch Sort Code

This six digit number identifies the specific bank branch holding the account.

Account Number

This is the customer’s unique bank account number at the branch. The IBAN standard allows up to thirty alphanumeric characters for the account number.

IBAN for Crown Agents Bank Limited

Country Code

Crown Agents Bank Limited IBANs have the country code “GB” indicating accounts held in the United Kingdom.

Check Digits

The two check digits are calculated by the bank using the IBAN structure when opening accounts.

Bank Code

The bank code for Crown Agents Bank Limited IBANs is “CRAS”. This identifies it as belonging to Crown Agents Bank Limited.

Sort Code

This six digit sort code identifies the specific Crown Agents Bank Limited branch where the account is held.

Account Number

This eight digit segment contains the customer’s unique account number at the Crown Agents Bank Limited branch.

Crown Agents Bank Limited IBAN Examples

Print Format Example

Here is an example IBAN for Crown Agents Bank Limited in print format:Copy code

GB89 CRAS 6016 1331 9268 19

Country Code


Check Digits


Bank Code


Sort Code


Account Number


Electronic Format Example


Note the removal of spaces when storing or transmitting IBAN electronically.

Using the IBAN Code

The IBAN contains all necessary information to accurately route Euro payments.

International Transfers

Providing the recipient IBAN eliminates errors due to inconsistent national formats when sending and receiving international payments.

Domestic Transfers

While national account formats still widely used for domestic transfers, IBAN improves reliability particularly for online payments.

Validating the IBAN

Two methods commonly used:

Check Digit Validation

Uses the check digits to verify the integrity of the entire IBAN string. This detects if characters are missing or invalid.

Length Validation

Each country IBAN has a pre-defined length. Validation ensures account number is right length for country.


The IBAN standard provides a consistent bank account format for international transfers. For UK accounts at Crown Agents Bank Limited, the IBAN contains the country code “GB”, Crown Agents Bank bank code, sort code and account number. By carrying required identifiers within a single, standard number, IBAN improves reliability for foreign and domestic payments.

Key Takeaways

  • IBAN code standardizes bank account numbers for international transfers
  • Contains key bank details like country, bank, branch and account number
  • Crown Agents Bank Limited has bank code “CRAS” in IBAN
  • Validation methods use check digits or account length checks


What is the IBAN country code for the UK?

The IBAN country code for the UK is GB. All UK IBANs start with GB.

Where do I find my IBAN?

Your IBAN is provided when opening a bank account or requesting your IBAN details from your bank either online or at your branch.

Can I use IBAN for domestic transfers?

While you can use IBAN for domestic UK transfers, most British banks still rely on sort codes and account numbers. However, IBAN improves reliability particularly for online payments.

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