What is the IBAN code for Metro Bank Plc in the United Kingdom?

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally agreed format for bank account numbers to facilitate accurate cross-border payments. The IBAN contains key details about the recipient’s bank account, including country, bank branch, and account number.

The IBAN consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters and contains a two-letter country code, two check digits, and a Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) that has up to 30 characters. This standardized format enables automated processing of international payment transactions.

IBAN Format

The IBAN format consists of a two-letter ISO country code, followed by two check digits, and a BBAN containing additional details like bank, branch, and account number. The length of IBANs varies by country but can have up to 34 characters.

For example:

Country code + Check digits + BBAN GB23 MBTC 6016 1331 9268 19

IBAN Length

While IBANs contain 34 characters at max, the length varies by country. Countries determine the actual IBAN length to use based on their existing bank account number standards.

For instance, IBANs for British bank accounts contain 22 characters. German IBANs have 22 characters as well, while IBANs from Spain have 24 characters.

IBAN Structure

The IBAN contains important details in a standardized structure:

  • 2 letter country code – Identifies country
  • 2 digit check number – Validates IBAN accuracy
  • 4 letter bank code – Identifies the bank
  • Account type identifier – 1-9 characters to ID account use
  • Account identifying number – Up to 30 alphanumeric characters

This information together facilitates electronic transfers, especially across borders.

IBAN Uses and Benefits

Key uses and benefits of the IBAN include:

  • International transfers: Enables seamless movement of money between countries
  • Error reduction: Minimizes mistakes with standardized format
  • Faster payments: Facilitates straight-through processing without manual checks
  • Additional validation: Extra verification through check digit calculations
  • Automated reconciliations: Simplifies bank statement reconciliations

Using an IBAN provides significant advantages for managing finances globally.

IBAN code for Metro Bank Plc

The specific IBAN format used in the UK is:



  • GB = Great Britain country code
  • xx = Two-digit check number
  • BANK = 4-char bank and branch ID
  • XXXX XXXX XX = Account number

This contains key information to identify recipient accounts.

UK IBAN Format

The UK IBAN is structured into several components:

  • GB country code
  • Check digits
  • 4-char bank code
  • 6-digit sort code
  • 8-digit account number

Including the check digits, UK IBANs contain 22 characters.

Check Digits

The two check digits within the IBAN are calculated using the MOD 97-10 algorithm on the rest of the IBAN characters. This verifies the integrity of the full IBAN string.

If a single digit is entered incorrectly into an IBAN, the check digit calculation will fail, and the IBAN is invalid. This provides an extra verification safeguard.

Sort Code

The 6 digits after the 4-character bank identifier represent the sort code. This identifies the specific UK bank branch holding the account.

Sort codes are assigned uniquely by financial institutions. Including the sort code ensures payments route accurately.

Account Number

The final 8 characters constitute the actual bank account number. This uniquely identifies the individual recipient’s account at the financial institution.

Metro Bank IBAN Code Breakdown

Examining a sample Metro Bank Plc IBAN specifically:


  • GB = Great Britain country code
  • 23 = Check digits
  • MBTC = Metro Bank identifier
  • 601613 = Sort code
  • 31926819 = Account number

Let’s explore the key components:

Country Code

The country code GB represents Great Britain. This ensures the IBAN routes to the right country.

Check Digits

23 represents the properly calculated check digits per the MOD 97-10 algorithm. This verifies the IBAN’s integrity.

Bank Code

MBTC maps to Metro Bank and their associated branch network.

Sort Code

The 601613 sort code points to the exact Metro Bank branch holding the account.

Account Number

31926819 uniquely identifies the account at the Metro Bank branch.

Metro Bank IBAN Examples

IBANs can be represented differently depending on need.

Print Format

For physical documentation like printed checks, the IBAN is best formatted with logical groupings:

GB23 MBTC 6016 1331 9268 19

Electronic Format

During electronic transfer, the IBAN appears without spacing for simpler machine processing:


Both represent the same IBAN. Format depends on the representation medium.

Using the Metro Bank IBAN

The properly formatted Metro Bank IBAN enables accurate worldwide payments.

International Transfers

Banks can send and receive international payments using the structured IBAN. Code details direct transfers to the exact destination account.

Faster Payments

Electronic systems recognize the IBAN format for expedited straight-through handling without manual verification.

Additional Validation

Check digit calculations provide supplemental validation checks before money transmission. This reduces costly errors.

The Metro Bank IBAN facilitates smooth payments in and out of their accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about Metro Bank IBANs:

What is the IBAN used for?

The IBAN provides standardized bank account identification for accurate international transfers and payments.

How many digits are in a UK IBAN?

UK IBANs contain 22 alphanumeric characters.

What happens if I enter the wrong IBAN?

Incorrect IBANs fail validation checks and automated payments do not process. Manual corrections introduce delays.

Can I get multiple IBANs from Metro Bank?

Yes, customers can have multiple accounts and associated IBANs from Metro Bank.

Who assigns IBANs?

National bank associations coordinate IBAN assignments according to ISO technical standards.

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