Barclays IBAN – Find your Barclays IBAN in United Kingdom


When making international money transfers, banks need a way to accurately route funds to the correct account. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) system was introduced to facilitate this process. The IBAN includes key details about the country, bank and account to guide payments.

So what is the IBAN format for Barclays bank accounts in the United Kingdom? Read on to find out.

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN or International Bank Account Number is used to identify bank accounts for the purpose of international payments. The IBAN contains a unique combination of letters and numbers that specifies the country, bank and account that a payment should be directed to.

The IBAN system helps ensure money transfers reach the correct accounts by giving banks processing the payments enough information to route them accurately. Using the correct IBAN is essential to avoid delays or misdirected payments.

What is the IBAN format for Barclays in the UK?

The IBAN for Barclays in the United Kingdom consists of up to 22 characters made up of:

  • 2 letters – ISO country code (GB for UK)
  • 2 digits – Checksum
  • 4 characters – Bank identifier (SWIFT/BIC code for Barclays: BUKB)
  • 6 digits – Sort code
  • 8 digits – Account number

Put together in the proper order, it looks like this Barclays example:Copy code


When printed or written out, there would be spaces as follows:Copy code

GB13 BUKB 6016 1331 9268 19

Barclays IBAN example

Let’s break down the components of a Barclays IBAN using the example above:

  • ISO Country Code: GB (for UK)
  • Checksum: 13
  • Sort Code: 601613
  • Account Number: 31926819

So in this valid IBAN example for a Barclays account in the UK, you can see the different elements included to guide international payments.

How to find your Barclays IBAN

There are a couple easy ways to find your unique Barclays IBAN in the United Kingdom:

Using online banking

Logging into your Barclays online banking account is the fastest way to find your IBAN. It is usually displayed in your account information or details. Copy down or take a screenshot of the full IBAN for your records.

Using an IBAN Calculator

Alternatively, you can use a free IBAN calculator tool online. All you need to enter is your country code (GB), bank code (BUKB for Barclays), account number and sort code. The calculator will generate your IBAN based on the details provided.

Importance of using the correct IBAN

It’s critical to use the right IBAN number to receive payments properly into your Barclays account. An incorrect IBAN could result in the money transfer being rejected and returned. In the worst cases, it could be deposited into someone else’s account mistakenly.

Always double check the full IBAN details before sending or receiving an international payment into your Barclays UK bank account. Reach out to Barclays directly if you need any assistance finding or verifying your IBAN.


In summary, the IBAN system uses specific bank account details to facilitate accurate routing of international money transfers. The IBAN format works by including the country, bank identifier, account number and sort code in a standardized way.

To find your Barclays IBAN in the United Kingdom, simply log into your Barclays online banking or use an IBAN calculator. Getting the IBAN correct is vital to ensure payments reach your account smoothly.


What is the maximum length of a Barclays IBAN?

The maximum length of a Barclays IBAN in the UK is 22 characters.

Does the IBAN include the SWIFT/BIC code?

Yes, the fourth segment of the IBAN (4 characters) is the bank identifier SWIFT/BIC code. For Barclays it’s BUKB.

Can I use the IBAN for domestic UK transfers?

While primarily used for international transfers, you can use IBANs for making domestic payments within the UK if desired. However national sort codes and account numbers generally suffice for domestic Barclays transfers.

What happens if I use the wrong Barclays IBAN?

Using an incorrect IBAN could result in your payment being rejected and returned, or deposited into the wrong account mistakenly. Always verify your IBAN carefully before transferring or receiving funds.

Where is the IBAN printed on my Barclays account checks?

Your IBAN is not actually printed on Barclays account checks. You would need to log into online banking, view your account details or generate your IBAN via an IBAN calculator instead.

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