What is the IBAN code for RBS in the United Kingdom?

What is IBAN?

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders with a minimal risk of transcription errors. The IBAN was adopted by British banks in 2007 and has largely replaced traditional domestic bank account numbers for international transactions.

The key benefits of IBAN include:

  • Standardized electronic transfers between banks
  • Reduced errors from manual data entry
  • Faster processing times for international payments
  • Enhanced security measures

IBAN Format Explained

The IBAN consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters and contains key details about your bank account:

  • Country code – 2 letter country code e.g. GB for UK
  • Check digits – 2 numeric digits that validate the IBAN
  • Bank code – 4 alpha or numeric chars identifying the bank
  • Sort code – 6 digit number that identifies the branch
  • Account number – Up to 23 alpha and numeric characters

This standardized format enables accurate and speedy international transfers between banks across Europe and beyond.

When is IBAN Used?

In the UK, IBAN is now used frequently for:

  • Sending or receiving international payments
  • Getting paid abroad e.g. work or rental income
  • Making payments to overseas vendors or services
  • Online money transfers via mobile/internet banking
  • Business transactions across borders

So if you make international transactions, having your correct IBAN details is essential.

IBAN Structure in the United Kingdom

The IBAN for UK bank accounts always starts with the 2 letter country code GB. This is follows by 2 digits that are calculated by the Modulo 97 operation on the rest of the IBAN characters.

The remaining elements that make up a UK IBAN are:

Bank Code

The fourth and fifth characters are letters representing the bank itself e.g. NW for NatWest, BK for Bank of Scotland.

Sort Code

The 6 digits after the bank code contain your bank sort code which identifies the specific branch.

Account Number

Lastly, the IBAN will contain the actual account number you use to manage the account domestically.

Breaking Down the RBS IBAN

Now we know the structure of a UK IBAN, let’s focus on RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) specifically:

RBS Bank Code

For RBS IBAN codes, the 4 character bank code will always be:


So all RBS IBANs start with GB then check digits followed by NWBK.

RBS Sort Code

This will be the 6 digit sort code of your specific RBS branch e.g. 601613

This sort code is what you would traditionally use for domestic transfers within the UK.

RBS Account Number

Finally, the remaining 8-23 digits represent your unique RBS account number that you use to manage your account.

RBS IBAN Examples

Putting all the elements together, here are some examples of valid RBS IBAN formats in the UK:

Print Format

GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19


  • GB – Country Code
  • 29 – Check Digits
  • NWBK – RBS Bank Code
  • 601613 – RBS Sort Code
  • 31926819 – RBS Account Number

Electronic Format


Using Your RBS IBAN

So now you know the basics of RBS IBAN codes, here’s how to use it:

International Money Transfers

For sending or receiving money overseas, provide your full IBAN code instead of domestic bank details.

Faster Payments

You can also use your IBAN for faster payments instead of traditional account numbers.

Avoiding Errors

Using the structured IBAN format avoids errors from mis-typed sort codes or account numbers.

Always double check the IBAN details before sending a payment.

IBAN Checker Tools

To validate your RBS IBAN, use a free online IBAN calculator tool to ensure accuracy.

Simply search for “routingnumbers.uk” and enter your full IBAN code to check it.


Why is IBAN important?

IBAN provides a standardized format for international bank transfers to prevent errors and speed up payments.

How do I find my IBAN?

Your IBAN details are provided on your bank statements or via online/mobile banking. For RBS accounts, follow the GB+NWBK format outlined above.

Can I change my IBAN?

No – your IBAN is derived from your underlying domestic bank details which would need to change to get a different IBAN.

Is IBAN the same as BIC/SWIFT codes?

No – BIC and SWIFT codes identify the bank itself rather than your account. IBAN identifies the actual bank account.

How do I use my RBS IBAN internationally?

Simply provide your full IBAN details when sending or requesting money from overseas. Include the electronic format without spaces for digital transfers.

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