What is the IBAN code for MONZO in the United Kingdom?

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is used to identify bank accounts for the purpose of international money transfers. For MONZO bank in the United Kingdom, the IBAN consists of 22 characters made up of several components.

Understanding IBAN

An IBAN uniquely identifies an individual bank account involved in international transactions. The IBAN was created to facilitate cross border payments and improve the speed and accuracy of transactions.

The IBAN contains embedded information to verify the validity of the account number. This includes:

  • Country code – 2 letter code for the country
  • Check digits – 2 numbers that confirm the accuracy
  • Bank identifier – 4 characters for the bank
  • Branch code – 6 digit sort code for the bank branch
  • Account number – Up to 30 alphanumeric characters

IBAN Structure in the UK

The IBAN for the United Kingdom always starts with GB and contains 22 characters total.

The full structure is:

  • GB – 2 letter country code
  • 2 digits – Check number
  • 4 characters – Bank code
  • 6 digits – Sort code
  • 8 digits – Customer account number

Breaking Down IBAN Components

Country Code

The 2 letter country code GB represents the United Kingdom. This identifies the location of the bank account. Over 70 countries now use IBAN formats.

Check Digits

The next two digits are calculated using an algorithm on the remaining IBAN characters. This verifies that the account number components are correct.

Bank Code

The fourth and fifth IBAN characters comprise the bank code. Each UK bank has an assigned bank code up to 4 alpha characters long.

MONZO’s bank code is MONZ.

Sort Code

The 6 digit number after the bank code represents the specific bank branch. UK Sort codes always contain 6 numbers ranging from 00-00-00 to 99-99-99.

In the case of newer digital banks like Monzo, they often use centralized sort codes. But the branch sort code still routes payments.

Account Number

The last 8 characters in the IBAN represent the customer’s unique account number. Account numbers contain a mixture of letters and numbers.

Getting Your IBAN

In the UK, your IBAN is usually provided when opening a new bank account. Most banks also print the IBAN on paper statements and display it online.

You can also determine your IBAN manually using account details. Just structure it according to the IBAN formatting rules for the country.

Using IBAN

The IBAN should be used whenever sending or receiving international payments. Domestically, the account number and sort code may be sufficient.

But the IBAN contains built-in validations that provide an extra layer of security and accuracy. Using the IBAN reduces errors and speeds up transfers to foreign banks.

IBAN Specifications for Monzo

Monzo is an online bank based in the United Kingdom providing current accounts and financial services.

Monzo’s Bank Code

As an electronic money institution, Monzo’s dedicated bank code is MONZ. This 4 character alpha code appears in all Monzo IBANs.

Monzo’s Sort Code

Monzo uses several centralized sort codes for payments. But the most commonly used one is 601613.

So Monzo IBANs in the UK often show 601613 after the MONZ bank code.

Monzo Account Numbers

Monzo account numbers contain between 7 and 9 characters. The account number is randomly generated during account creation.

Customers cannot manually select their account number. Accounts have numbers like 31926819 and 81395493.

Formatting IBAN for Monzo

Putting all the pieces together, a valid IBAN for a Monzo bank account in Great Britain would be structured:


  • GB – Country code
  • XX – 2 digit check number
  • MONZ – Monzo’s bank code
  • 601613 – Monzo’s sort code
  • XXXXXXXX – 8 digit account number

Properly formatted, the IBAN should have:

Print Format


So a Monzo customer IBAN would show in print format

GB41 MONZ 6016 1331 9268 19

This clearly separates out the different components for easy reading.

Example Monzo IBAN

Here is an example IBAN for a valid Monzo bank account in the UK:


Breaking this down:

  • GB – Country code
  • 41 – Check digits
  • MONZ – Monzo’s bank code
  • 601613 – Sort code
  • 31926819 – Account number

This contains all the required information to verify a UK IBAN belonging specifically to a Monzo account holder.

Validating IBAN

Using the MOD 97-10 algorithm, the check digits can verify the accuracy of the IBAN. This mathematical formula runs on the alphanumeric characters.

If the calculation using the check digits results in a remainder of 1, then the IBAN is considered valid.

Banks and financial institutions use this to confirm IBANs for foreign transfers. Customers can also validate their own account’s IBAN this way.

Other Bank IBANs

While the format is the same nationally, the bank code and sort codes will vary across other UK banks.

For example Lloyds Bank has a bank code of LOYD. And the bank Metro has a bank code of METT.

So bank codes are always unique identifiers in IBANs.

International Transfers

The IBAN format has been adopted by over 70 countries globally. So it facilitates faster and easier payments to foreign accounts.

Almost all European countries use IBANs. And their growing adoption is improving international commerce and financial systems.

As more British companies engage in overseas trade and foreign individuals purchase UK goods, using IBANs will continue increasing in volume and popularity.


In review, the IBAN for British digital bank Monzo is 22 characters starting with the country code GB. Two check digits follow before Monzo’s specific MONZ 4 character bank code.

Then the centralized sort code 601613 routes payments to Monzo’s system. The final 8 digits represent the customer’s unique account number.

Formatting the IBAN properly identifies the bank account for smooth international Monzo transactions.

FAQs about Monzo IBAN

Does Monzo provide an IBAN?

Yes, British bank Monzo issues an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for every bank account to enable international transfers. This 22 character alphanumeric code verifies routing to Monzo and a valid customer account.

Where do I find my Monzo IBAN?

The Monzo IBAN is provided when opening an account, printed on monthly paper statements, and displayed on online and mobile banking profiles. Customers can also retrieve a Monzo account’s IBAN at any time.

Can I change my IBAN?

No, the IBAN is tied to the underlying account number components. But if needed, a customer can open a new account to get issued a different IBAN.

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