What is the IBAN code for First Direct in the United Kingdom?

An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standard format for bank account numbers that facilitates transactions across borders. The IBAN contains key details about the account holder’s bank and account.

IBAN Definition

The IBAN is an expanded version of basic bank account numbers used in many countries. It starts with a two-letter country code, followed by check digits and additional codes identifying the bank itself plus the specific account.

IBAN Format

While structures vary between countries, IBANs generally contain up to 34 alphanumeric characters. The length depends on the amount of information required to identify bank branches in each nation.

IBAN Length

Most countries use IBANs with around 22 characters. However, they can be shorter or longer depending on the country.

IBAN Structure

An IBAN is made up of multiple elements providing essential account details. These include:

  • Country code
  • Check digits
  • Bank identifier code
  • Branch codes
  • Account number

IBAN in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom adopted the IBAN structure in 2007. All major UK banks now use the system for account numbers.

UK IBAN Format

UK IBANs consist of 22 characters starting with GB for the country code. This is followed by digits and letters representing bank, branch and account identifiers.

UK IBAN Length

As IBANs contain 22 characters in the UK, they are slightly longer than old UK sort codes and account numbers.

UK IBAN Structure

The different components of a British IBAN include:

Country Code

Always GB for the United Kingdom.

Check Digits

The next two numbers provide a verification check on the rest of the IBAN.

Bank Code

The following four letters identify the bank itself, e.g. NWBK for NatWest.

Branch Sort Code

The subsequent six numbers indicate the specific bank branch for the account.

Account Number

The final eight characters represent the customer’s account number.

First Direct Bank Overview

First Direct provides online and phone banking services. It offers current accounts plus savings products, credit cards, loans and mortgages.

About First Direct

First Direct launched in the UK in 1989 as the country’s first telephone and internet-only bank. It does not have any high street branches. The bank now has over 1.5 million customers.

First Direct Services

Customers can manage First Direct accounts and access services using the mobile app, online banking and telephone banking. The bank is open 24/7 for assistance via digital channels or phone.

First Direct Branches

As First Direct operates as an online and phone bank only, it does not have any local bank branches around the UK.

First Direct IBAN Details

While First Direct does not have physical branches, it still uses the industry standard IBAN format for account numbers.

Understanding First Direct’s IBAN

First Direct IBANs contain 22 characters starting with GB and conclude with the customer’s account number. The middle elements identify First Direct as the bank.

Country Code for First Direct IBAN

GB signifies that the account is based in the United Kingdom.

Check Digits in First Direct IBAN

The third and fourth characters are check digits for validation.

Bank Identifier Code in First Direct IBAN

First Direct’s bank code is NWBK (NatWest Bank).

Sort Code in First Direct IBAN

The 6 numbers after the bank code represent First Direct’s sort code.

Account Number in First Direct IBAN

The final 8 characters in the IBAN display the unique account number.

Example of a First Direct IBAN

A real First Direct IBAN would look like:Copy code


Finding Your First Direct IBAN

You can locate your IBAN details in the following places:

On Your Bank Statement

Your IBAN will be clearly visible on printed/digital statements.

Online Banking

Log in to view your IBAN in account preferences/details.

Contacting First Direct

You can also receive your IBAN by calling telephone banking.

Using First Direct’s IBAN

Customers can provide their IBAN for various financial transactions and processes.

Sending/Receiving International Payments

Using your IBAN speeds up overseas money transfers.

Filling Out Paperwork

Some forms may request your IBAN and bank details.

Online Transactions

Websites can utilize your IBAN to identify your account for payments.


What is the IBAN check digit formula?

A MOD 97-10 formula verifies the digits against the IBAN’s country code and account numbers.

Can I calculate my own IBAN?

No – IBANs are generated by banks using special software.

Is an IBAN the same as a SWIFT code?

No – SWIFT codes identify banks for global transfers while IBANs specify accounts.

How do I find my IBAN if I don’t have any paperwork?

You can phone your bank or check via online banking to retrieve your IBAN.

Who uses IBANs?

IBANs are widely adopted globally by banks for international transactions.

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