What is the IBAN code for Starling Bank in the United Kingdom?

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally agreed format for bank account numbers to facilitate transactions across borders. The IBAN was introduced to reduce errors and standardize bank account numbers across Europe, although it has since expanded globally.

IBAN definition

The IBAN is defined as an expanded version of a basic bank account number that includes extra country and account information to verify its accuracy. The expanded format enables computerized banking transactions and payments across borders.

IBAN format explained

The IBAN format consists of two-letter country codes, two check digits, and a combination of numbers and letters that identifies the specific bank and branch. The expanded format allows a standardized structure for bank account numbers internationally.

IBAN structure

The IBAN consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters structured as:

  • 2 letter country code
  • 2 check digits
  • Basic bank account number

The basic account number length varies but expanded by the standardized 2 letter country code and 2 check digits.

Why was IBAN introduced?

The IBAN was introduced by the European Committee for Banking Standards to facilitate seamless electronic bank transfers and automated straight-through processing of international payments.

Without an expanded, standardized format, more errors occurred because basic bank account numbers differed greatly across banks and countries.

What is the IBAN for Starling Bank UK?

Starling Bank was founded in 2014 and is an app-based only bank operating in the UK and Europe. Here are the specifics of the Starling Bank UK IBAN:

Starling Bank sort code

The Starling Bank UK uses sort code 601613

Starling Bank account number

Starling Bank account numbers are 8 digits long. An example account number is 31926819.

Starling Bank IBAN structure

As a UK bank, Starling Bank IBANs follow the country’s IBAN structure:

GBxx NWBK xxxx xxxx xxxx xx


  • GB = Great Britain country code
  • NWBK = Starling Bank code
  • xxxx = Starling Bank sort code
  • xxxx xxxx = Starling Bank account number

Starling Bank IBAN country code

The 2 letter country code for UK IBANs, including Starling Bank, is GB. This signifies an account held in Great Britain.

Starling Bank IBAN check digits

The 2 check digits included in Starling Bank IBANs are 29. The check digits enable a mathematical check for typing errors in the IBAN.

Complete Starling Bank UK IBAN

Putting together the sort code, account number, country code and check digits, the complete Starling Bank IBAN is:Copy code

GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19

Validating the Starling Bank IBAN

To ensure accurate transactions, there are two methods for validating the Starling Bank IBAN:

Check digit validation

The two digits 29 verify the preceding IBAN contents using the MOD 97 mathematical protocol. This identifies whether user-entered IBAN digits are valid.

IBAN formatting check

In addition, the bi-directional formatting can identify whether the IBAN components including country code, bank code, sort code, account number, and check digits, are placed correctly.

Using the Starling Bank IBAN

The validated Starling Bank IBAN can then facilitate international transfers to and from a Starling account.

Adding the IBAN for payments

To send payments, the originating bank will verify the receiving Starling Bank IBAN before transferring funds.

Providing the IBAN to receive payments

To receive payments to a Starling account, provide the sender with the properly formatted and validated Starling Bank IBAN.

Starling Bank IBAN in print format

In print documents, the IBAN can split into logical groups for readability:

Breakdown of printed IBAN format

Copy code

GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19


  • GB29 = Country code + Check digits
  • NWBK = Bank code
  • 6016 = Sort code
  • 1331 9268 19 = Account number

Splitting into lines enables the reader to identify the different IBAN components.

Frequently asked questions about Starling Bank UK IBAN

Here are answers to some common questions regarding Starling Bank’s IBAN structure:

Why does the IBAN contain letters?

The IBAN contains a 4 letter bank code (NWBK for Starling) to identify the specific bank within the country routing system. Sort codes also utilize letters to signify the bank and branch.

Can I change the IBAN?

No, the IBAN is generated automatically when opening a Starling account based on the bank routing and account number. You cannot change it directly.

Does the IBAN work across Europe?

Yes, IBAN formatting enables transactions throughout European Economic Area (EEA) countries. SEPA payments utilize bank IBANs.

Is the IBAN secure?

Yes, the IBAN includes unique identifiers and check digits validating the account and routing details. This minimizes fraud for electronic payments and account verification.

What happens if I enter the IBAN incorrectly?

Entering an IBAN incorrectly will result in rejected payments or credits to the associated account. Check IBAN accuracy before submitting any transactions.


In summary, the Starling Bank IBAN for the UK consists of 22 digits starting with the country code GB. The full IBAN contains the specific Starling Bank routing details and account number formatted to international standards. This facilitates seamless electronic payments and transfers in Britain, the SEPA region, and globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What details make up the Starling Bank UK IBAN?

The Starling Bank IBAN includes the two letter country code GB, two check digits 29, four letter Starling bank code NWBK, six digit sort code 601613, and eight digit account number 31926819.

How can I validate the Starling Bank IBAN is correct?

Use the check digit calculation protocol and IBAN formatting structure checks to validate the full Starling Bank IBAN prior to submitting any payments or transactions.

Can the IBAN identify my specific Starling account?

Yes, the account number portion uniquely identifies the specifics of your Starling account. Combined with the bank routing details, your account is verified.

Is the IBAN the same for all Starling accounts?

No, while the country code, bank code, and sort code remains the same, each Starling account contains a unique 8 digit account number, so IBANs differ per account.

Do I need to provide the full IBAN when receiving payments?

It is recommended to share the complete validated IBAN when receiving international electronic payments or credits to ensure accurate account verification.

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