What is the IBAN code for Neteller in the United Kingdom?

Understanding IBAN

An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is used to identify bank accounts across national borders. The IBAN consists of a two-letter country code, two check digits, and up to 30 alphanumeric characters for the domestic bank account number.

The standardized format allows fast and accurate cross-border payments and helps banks automatically route funds to the correct accounts.

IBAN Structure

A typical IBAN contains four key components in a defined sequence:

  • Country code – Two-letter ISO country code
  • Check digits – Two numerical digits for validation
  • Bank code – Four alphabetic characters
  • Account number – BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number). Up to 30 alphanumeric characters

The total length can reach 34 characters. The IBAN check digits validate the accuracy of the entire IBAN sequence to avoid errors.

IBAN for Neteller Accounts in the United Kingdom

When setting up a Neteller account in the UK, users receive a generated IBAN to enable domestic and international money transfers directly into their e-wallet accounts.

Getting a Neteller IBAN

To obtain your unique IBAN:

  1. Select bank – Choose an Available UK bank when applying for your Neteller account
  2. Account ID – Neteller assigns a 9-digit account number
  3. Sort code – Each Neteller bank branch has a 6-digit sort code

Combining the three codes above generates the full Neteller IBAN.

Breaking Down a Neteller IBAN

A valid Neteller IBAN for the UK would appear as:


Let’s examine what each component means:

  1. GB – Country code for the United Kingdom
  2. 09 – Two-digit check number
  3. NETE – 4-char Neteller bank code
  4. 601613 – 6-digit sort code
  5. 31926819 – 8-digit Neteller account number

Neteller IBAN Format

The IBAN contains 22 fixed characters for the United Kingdom and conforms to the proper IBAN format:
GBxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx

  • Country Code – GB
  • Check Digits – 09
  • Bank Code – NETE (4 characters)
  • Branch Sort Code – 601613 (6 characters)
  • Account Number – 31926819 (8 characters)

Using your Neteller IBAN

Once obtained, the IBAN can be utilized in a couple of ways:

  • Add it to your Neteller account profile for withdrawals
  • Provide it as your address to receive deposits from clients

Having the IBAN handy makes moving money out of Neteller seamless since most banks now support IBAN for electronic funds transfers.


Whether making withdrawals or accepting payments, linking your Neteller e-wallet to an IBAN streamlines moving funds in/out of your account. Providing senders the proper UK IBAN facilitates quicker transfers devoid of errors. Reach out to Neteller support if you require additional assistance managing your IBAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits are there in a Neteller IBAN?
A Neteller IBAN contains 22 digits for UK users.

Can I get multiple IBANs for the same Neteller account?
No, Each Neteller account will have only one unique associated IBAN.

Where do I find my account’s IBAN?
The IBAN can be found in your Neteller account profile under the “My Account” section.

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