What is the IBAN code for NatWest in the United Kingdom?

An IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is a standardized format for bank account numbers to facilitate automated payments across borders. The IBAN contains key bank details in a specific order to enable seamless financial transactions globally.

For NatWest bank accounts in the UK, the IBAN consists of 22 characters starting with the country code “GB” and including essential information like the bank code, branch code, and account number.

Breaking Down the NatWest UK IBAN

The International Bank Account Number for NatWest bank accounts contains the following components in order:

  • GB – 2 letter country code for the United Kingdom
  • 29 – 2 digit check digits used to validate the IBAN
  • NWBK – 4 character bank code unique to NatWest
  • 601613 – 6 digit sort code identifying the specific NatWest branch
  • 31926819 – 8 digit bank account number

When written out in full, a sample NatWest IBAN would appear as:

GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19

This includes spaces to break up the IBAN into logical groups.

Benefits of Using IBANs

The main benefits of IBANs like those used by NatWest include:

  • Automating payments – The standardized format enables seamless bank transfers through validation checks.
  • Preventing errors – The structured IBAN minimizes mistakes that delay payments.
  • Speeding up processing – Transactions clear faster thanks to electronic payments.

Finding Your NatWest IBAN

If you already bank with NatWest in the UK, you can find your unique IBAN:

  • Printed on account statements
  • Listed in your online banking portal
  • By contacting your branch

How to Use Your NatWest IBAN

Once you have your distinct IBAN, you can utilize it by:

  • Adding it to invoice payment forms
  • Providing it for international wire transfers
  • Giving it to employers or clients for direct deposits

In summary, NatWest IBANs consist of 22 characters starting with GB and containing the bank code, branch code, and account number. Using this standardized format makes NatWest payments and transfers more efficient both domestically and abroad.


How many digits are there in a NatWest IBAN?

There are 22 digits in a NatWest IBAN for the United Kingdom.

What details does a NatWest IBAN include?

A NatWest IBAN includes the country code, check digits, NatWest bank code, bank branch sort code, and the account number.

Where can I find my NatWest IBAN?

You can find your NatWest IBAN on your bank account statements, internet banking, mobile app, or by contacting your branch.

Can I use my NatWest IBAN for payments outside the UK?

Yes, the IBAN format allows you to use your NatWest account for international transactions and automatic payments across borders.

Do I need to include spaces when entering my NatWest IBAN?

No, the spaces are optional and only used to help visually separate the logical groups. Enter the IBAN with or without spaces.